Helpless Deer

Helpless Deer G7 games - Helpless deer is cool Point and click new escape game. Created By G7games. an innoce..

Puerta Juego

Puerta Juego G7games - Puerta Juego is cool Point and click new escape game. Created By G7games. You stucked..

Find What You Lose

Find What You Lose G7 games - Find what you lose is a Kind of Point and click new escape game. Created By G7games...

No Key For Escape

No Key For Escape G7 games -No key for escape is cool point click escape game. There is short memory mother locke..

Burger For Hubby

Burger For Hubby G7games -Burger for hubby This is cool point click escape game. There is a sweet married girl. ..

G7-Find My Weapon

G7-Find My Weapon G7 games - find my weapon is interesting investigation point and click game. The car mechanic s..

Old Magic Forest Escape

Old Magic Forest Escape You are lost in some magic forest. Solve the puzzles that will lead you to the secret key and l..

Ancient Mystery Escape

Ancient Mystery Escape You are an archaeologist who is trying to solve some old mystery. Unfortunately, you are stuck ..

3 Pandas in Brazil

3 Pandas in Brazil 3 Pandas and back and just can't keep out of trouble. Guide them on their quest through Brazil ..

Zombie Extreme Shooting

Zombie Extreme Shooting Join now a brand new zombie game, one of the most addicting and entertaining, intense zombie-bl..

Go Against Stream

Go Against Stream It's a game to challenge your sense of balance. Try to make the boat keep going forward and sta..

Hidden Master 9

Hidden Master 9 Hidden Master 9 challenges you to find all 125 hidden objects scattered across a cool painting...

Looney Planet

Looney Planet Looney Planet is a free online adventures platform game in which you have to drive your spacesh..

Dancing With Shadows

Dancing With Shadows You are a thief trying to improve your skills. You must over come dangers, hazards and codes in..

Linclonn Robot Adventure

Linclonn Robot Adventure This is an interesting platform jumping adventure game. Player must help the robot escape the t..

Beiby Freaks 2

Beiby Freaks 2 Beat the Jack with hit the hamper, player 1 press enter and player 2 press space to play. You..


Thoreau You wake up outside on a patch of grass, not knowing who you are or where you are, you start wa..



An old style side scrolling beat'em up.  Help Sack Head to rescue Princess Cream from the e..

Extreme Shooting Adventur..

Extreme Shooting Adventure Extreme shooting adventure is the kind of game that I can assure you it is an interesting one. ..

Callidus – Adventure

Callidus – Adventure As a wizard, enter the darkest dungeon where not everything is as it seems.Pass through a Magic..