Egg And Bacon Pie

Egg And Bacon Pie Welcome to the cooking class! Today we are going to prepare a simple but delicious dish and you..

Caviar Pancake

Caviar Pancake Have you heard of caviar pancakes? I've tried them few days ago and now they are my favorites! ..

Spanish Tortilla Summer

Spanish Tortilla Summer It is September already and many of you are upset that the summer season is over and you did no..

Lady Fingers with Vanilla..

Lady Fingers with Vanilla Cocoa After a long day thinking about the best desert, Dora is had a revelation. She is more than sur..

Apple Piglet Cooking Show

Apple Piglet Cooking Show Today we'll be learning to cook a yummy, yummy apple piglet dish! Simply rely on your talent as..

Apple Cake Fantasy

Apple Cake Fantasy Have you ever dreamed to have a magical kitchen? I did that\'s why today we are going to bake a..

Spotted Roll Recipe

Spotted Roll Recipe This evening could be the most important evening for Sara and her family. After two months her ..

Morning Bun

Morning Bun Every morning I\'m searching in my fridge for something tasty to eat. This morning I woke up wi..

Poached Tuna And Herb Sal..

Poached Tuna And Herb Salad Hello kids! Today we are going to be the kings and queens of the kitchen. This is the recipe of..

Cute Heart Cake

Cute Heart Cake Bake a cute heart cake. Design your own cake in a shape of a heart.

Fish Wrapped In Banana Le..

Fish Wrapped In Banana Leaf Grace is passionate about culinary art and she wanted to learn different recipes from all over ..

Frozen Dessert

Frozen Dessert It's summer season, and we are here to prepare some delicious recipe where everyone likes to ea..

Savory Quiche

Savory Quiche Dust off your apron and step into the online kitchen! You will be learning to cook delicious, e..

Burger Shop Frenzy

Burger Shop Frenzy Burger Shop Frenzy is a game that will put to test both your serving and cooking skills. You wi..

Super Sandwich Shop

Super Sandwich Shop Here is a game where children could manage a sandwich shop, make sandwiches as well as money an..

Autumn Cup Cakes

Autumn Cup Cakes Cup Cakes can bring you a delicious flavor in your house. If you have the best recipe of cup ca..

Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chick..

Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken These spicy pecan chicken nuggets are to be tasted with creamy ranch dip. Enjoy the cooking gam..

Pull Apart Turtle Cupcake..

Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes Do you like cooking games? In this game you have to make a delicious turtle cupcakes. First cho..

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai Green Chicken Curry Learn how to cook a delicious thai green chicken curry and follow all the step to make your rec..

Chocolate Candies

Chocolate Candies Chocolate must be a favourite for everyone. Children like the chocolate very much. Do you wish ..