Candy Collapse Challenge

Candy Collapse Challenge Candy Collapse Challenge is a block removing board game. Collapse the block by clicking the gro..

Yummy 2048

Yummy 2048 It is a variation of the 2048 game with deluxe design and 2 power-ups. Slide and combine the ti..

Beautiful Nature Puzzle

Beautiful Nature Puzzle Beautiful Nature is a jigsaw flash puzzle game. There are two game modes to play; time mode and..

Pineapple Pen

Pineapple Pen Guys, do you remember Flappy Bird? Are you in for a challenging game? Try our new Flappy Bird v..

Fruits Equations

Fruits Equations Fruits Equations is a math puzzle game. In this game you need to find the values of some fruit..

Blocky Blocky Xmas

Blocky Blocky Xmas A wonderful block popping game for this winter. Click on groups of similar blocks to collect th..

Chain Match

Chain Match Make biggest possible chains of similar blocks by connecting them. This is an endless game in w..

Owls Blocky

Owls Blocky An endless block collapse game with Owls. In this game you need to keep the stack below the top..

Arrange Cakes

Arrange Cakes Pick and drop cakes to make a row of 3 similar cup cakes. Do it fast until cake reaches to righ..

Hangman 2

Hangman 2 Need to take a short break? Play a little hangman. Classic word guessing game with word categor..

SUV Car Cartoon Puzzle

SUV Car Cartoon Puzzle SUV Car Cartoon Puzzle is a free online puzzle game. Drag the pieces into right position using ..

Guess Jokes

Guess Jokes Everybody likes jokes, they make people smile and laugh! What about combining jokes with playin..

Spelling Piano Tiles

Spelling Piano Tiles How to play: You always play only with the tiles on the bottom of the screen! There are 2 words..

Spelling Check

Spelling Check 1) There will be shown 4 words on screen.
2) Mark all the correctly spelled words. Watch o..

Dragon – Hidden Letters

Dragon – Hidden Letters Find the hidden letters in this fantastic image of a dragon.

Mad Pixel Run

Mad Pixel Run Mad Pixel Run is a crazy one-button highscore go-to-distance game with a new twist! Simple but ..

Lady Fingers with Vanilla..

Lady Fingers with Vanilla Cocoa After a long day thinking about the best desert, Dora is had a revelation. She is more than sur..

Legor 5

Legor 5 An award winning highscores puzzle game Legor is back with 30 new levels and level editor!rnrnH..

Flooded Village

Flooded Village Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. Water the trees, help the pira..

Surf Buggy

Surf Buggy Down the mountain at full speed is destroying everything in your way. Keep going, as fast as yo..