Spiele Coloring

Spiele Coloring No light on the man who does not like to play video games (Spiele)! They teach, amuse and capti..

Apple Piglet Cooking Show

Apple Piglet Cooking Show Today we'll be learning to cook a yummy, yummy apple piglet dish! Simply rely on your talent as..

Road Bandits Fury

Road Bandits Fury Be a road bandit and enjoy your time stealing from trucks in movement. What you have to do is p..

Aiport Bus Parking

Aiport Bus Parking When traveling by plane, the passengers have to be taken to the airplane by bus. You now have t..

Brainless Zombie

Brainless Zombie magic block before you grab the brain. When you are playing with the zombie the blocks can fall..

Monkey Kong

Monkey Kong In this game, you are a little chimp called Monkey Kong. Join him in his adventure to navigate..

Egg House Escape

Egg House Escape Help the hen to escape from the garden by finding hidden clues in the garden. rnrnUse the clues..

Red Fury Racing

Red Fury Racing You have just bought an amazing brand new car, a real jewelry, and you took it to a ride on the..

Tropical ATV Race

Tropical ATV Race Demonstrate your ATV driver skills in this game for kids. This time the picture is warm, with p..

Baby Srna Winter Dressup

Baby Srna Winter Dressup This is cute baby Srna. Please dress up her for this winter out and for home. You will enjoy to..

Old Green Room Escape

Old Green Room Escape Escape from the Old Green Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden.rnrnMatch ..

Cave Escape

Cave Escape Escape to the Cave by finding the clues in the garden. rnEarn more points by finding all the cl..

Savory Quiche

Savory Quiche Dust off your apron and step into the online kitchen! You will be learning to cook delicious, e..

Fix the States USA

Fix the States USA Do you know the map of United States America? Fix the states of USA in their exact places and p..

Multiplayer Snowball Duel

Multiplayer Snowball Duel Enjoy your favorite winter activity online, make impeccable strikes and cover your opponent wit..

Justin Bieber At The Doct..

Justin Bieber At The Doctor Justin Bieber is a handsome boy and a famous singer, but today he has an accident. There are so..

African Safari Slots

African Safari Slots

African Safari Slots is a video slot theme where 3+ warthogs give you free spins, elephants ..

Old Style Chat Room Escap..

Old Style Chat Room Escape Escape from the Chat Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room.rnMatch..

Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s Little Helpers It's madness in Santa's toy factory these days you know! All his little helpers are working so ..

Medieval Times Slots

Medieval Times Slots

Medieval Times Slots takes you back to the middle ages in this medieval themed slot with jok..