Messy Atelier

Messy Atelier The old painter has finally gathered all the inspiration needed, but he can't work in a messy a..

All Hands On Deck

All Hands On Deck The captain is coming aboard for a final inspection before we set sails. The ship must be in pe..

Old Planetarium

Old Planetarium We want to reopen the old planetarium. There is a lot of junk and we need help cleaning the pla..

Clockmakers Forest

Clockmakers Forest Last night I went through the forest and some of my things fell off my cart. I must go back and..

Leaving in a Rush

Leaving in a Rush Someone called in a hidden danger in the hotel. You must help me pack our things quickly. Hurry..

Suspicious Gas Leak

Suspicious Gas Leak A gas leak killed a high ranking diplomat. Your job is to go there and find some evidence.

The Moving Musician

The Moving Musician After many years of living in this apartment, I decided it's time to move. But first, I need to..

Dusting for Prints

Dusting for Prints We have a report of a burglary. The house was broken into while the owners were on holidays. Du..

Time to go Home

Time to go Home Our nice summer vacation is over, and we need to pack our bags and head home. Can you help us?

Village Festival

Village Festival Our village is getting ready for the summer festival. Use your skills to help us make this fest..

The Five Rings

The Five Rings Help the forest king to find the five magic rings. He got into a storm, and the rings were lost..

Dragon – Hidden Letters

Dragon – Hidden Letters Find the hidden letters in this fantastic image of a dragon.

New Playground

New Playground Find the hidden toys and differences in this playground.

Children’s drawings

Children’s drawings Use the mouse for play. To progress, you have to find five numbers from 0-9.

Mountain gorge find numbe..

Mountain gorge find numbers Use the mouse for play. To progress, you have to find five numbers from 0-9.

The Last Mermaid 2

The Last Mermaid 2 Follow the last mermaid in this new underwater adventure. Find all hidden objects and differenc..

Sunrise Hidden Objects

Sunrise Hidden Objects Use the mouse to find the hidden numbers in the pictures of Sunrises

House of Secrets

House of Secrets Step carefully into this old house full of mysteries. Find the hidden clues and solve the secre..

Wizard’s Book

Wizard’s Book Enter this wizard's house, search every corner of the rooms, find hidden objects and spot the d..

Mystical Forest Hidden Nu..

Mystical Forest Hidden Numbers Use the mouse to find the twenty hidden numbers in the scenes of the mystical forest