Mad Pixel Run

Mad Pixel Run Mad Pixel Run is a crazy one-button highscore go-to-distance game with a new twist! Simple but ..

Candy Ride

Candy Ride Do you like sweets? Yes? Then this is game for you!
You can help a child to get all candie..

Aigor Savior

Aigor Savior Save the wounded soldiers and bring them back to the save hummer as fast as you can. Avoid the ..


Roboteka In Robotoka, you are playing a red roboblock who is looking for a hidden candy. The only way h..

Mirrored Love

Mirrored Love Mirrored Love is a runner game made with AS3, where you control simultaneously two lovers runni..

Jim Loves Mary

Jim Loves Mary This is a story about true love between Jim and Mary! Help them to meet each other on every of ..

Linclonn Robot Adventure

Linclonn Robot Adventure This is an interesting platform jumping adventure game. Player must help the robot escape the t..


Thoreau You wake up outside on a patch of grass, not knowing who you are or where you are, you start wa..

Unreal Bus Driving

Unreal Bus Driving Save the bus, being collided from the other vehicles. Unreal driving will let you bus jump. Whe..

Durian Revenge 2

Durian Revenge 2 If durian isn't your favourite fruit? You better consider it. We give chance to durian take rev..

Brainless Zombie

Brainless Zombie magic block before you grab the brain. When you are playing with the zombie the blocks can fall..

Tamus Adventure

Tamus Adventure

Help Tamus to fix the machine and recover the blue sky from his world.

Have fun ..

Fufa Love Fruits

Fufa Love Fruits Fufa Love Fruits is an interesting 100 levels platform game. Hi all, I am Fufa and I am retired..

Go Crash Soldier

Go Crash Soldier Go Crash Soldier is an action game that the mission were to rescue all the wounded soldiers on ..

King Rolla

King Rolla Features
24 Fun physics levels - Clever level designs and unique mechanics make each level..

Escape from Melakka

Escape from Melakka Fast-paced retro-style platformer set in gloomy dungeons, cryptas and castles. Run, jump, shoot..


NG Make your way to the gold chest skipping obstacles, avoid and killing dreadly enemy ninjas, and..


Barik A crash into the mountain has stopped Barik from returning home after the long flight. Now he n..

Dont Mess with Grandma

Dont Mess with Grandma Fight skeletons, airplanes and biker babes in this fun platform game.

Summer Coins

Summer Coins Summer Coins is a coin collector summer game. It's summer time and a lot of coins scattered aro..