Arabic Chicken Fusion

Arabic Chicken Fusion Diana is a culinary chef and she likes to have diversified food for her prestigious restaurant...

Pineapple Pen

Pineapple Pen Guys, do you remember Flappy Bird? Are you in for a challenging game? Try our new Flappy Bird v..

Classic Spicy Tofu

Classic Spicy Tofu It is the winter food festival this weekend and Amelia wants to enter the competition with a de..

Katy and Karl First Kiss

Katy and Karl First Kiss Katy and Karl are in the first date and they want to kiss. Help them to kiss without other peop..

Zombie Extreme Shooting

Zombie Extreme Shooting Join now a brand new zombie game, one of the most addicting and entertaining, intense zombie-bl..

Extreme Shooting Adventur..

Extreme Shooting Adventure Extreme shooting adventure is the kind of game that I can assure you it is an interesting one. ..

Spotted Roll Recipe

Spotted Roll Recipe This evening could be the most important evening for Sara and her family. After two months her ..



Enter a hexagonal world that pulses to the music while using your mouse and visual memory to..

Dark Dirt Bike

Dark Dirt Bike rnRide your dirt bike in this dark crazy stunt game. rnScore more points with exciting levels t..

Fish Wrapped In Banana Le..

Fish Wrapped In Banana Leaf Grace is passionate about culinary art and she wanted to learn different recipes from all over ..

The Jungle Bucket

The Jungle Bucket Lets have a getaway into the mighty jungle. Here all the animals have their own territory and t..

Baby Girl Bathing

Baby Girl Bathing Do you know how to bath a baby? Baby Ella is ready for her daily bath. Usually she cries when h..

Easter Egg Puzzle

Easter Egg Puzzle Happy Easter and Holiday to you and your family! Here we are with a brand new Easter Puzzle gam..

Pampered Puppies

Pampered Puppies These puppies need all the attention and affection that you could give them, you know! Spend on..

Symbiosis: Greenland

Symbiosis: Greenland

We thought, that we destroyed crystals last time. But one of them hid on the lands of Greenl..

BMW Car Racing

BMW Car Racing My BMW was elected to participate to a circle race. I am very proud of this car because every t..

Crazy Monster Truck Game

Crazy Monster Truck Game The crazy truck escaped from the big garage. Jim is now driving it and he wants to show us that..

Combat Universe Protector

Combat Universe Protector The Universe is fighting for its won peace. The planets are fighting and they are trying to des..

Chickpea Curry Recipe

Chickpea Curry Recipe Arthur is a very talented chef at a five star restaurant. Every week he comes up with new recip..

Satellite Landing

Satellite Landing This is a Physics and strategy game where your task is to make sure the Satellite lands correct..